18 – 22/8

Opening in Museum Lapidarium: 18/8 at 8pm

Curator: Jerica Ziherl
Assistent: Dina Kamber

In every society and nation animals are credited with symbolic meanings and human traits and through history people have also attributed certain stereotypes to them. So they have done with their favourite animals – dogs and cats. We learn about their position in culture and society through the theory of cultural zoology that brings together themes such as animalistic issues, social activism, animal rights, anthropomorphism, zoos, the food industry, etc. However, our attention has been focused on the position of “dogs and cats” in art and in the media in which, individually or in pairs, have major roles and hold special meanings. At the base of different approaches there is the assumption that “dogs and cats” should not be seen only through the prism of figurative art, but instead to highlight their cultural, historical, social, psychological, iconographic and semantic context. In this way the symbolism of a given animal is explained, the background image is thus deduced that becomes a metaphor, allegory, image of a single sentence, etc.

Jerica Ziherl

Courtesy by Igor Grubić, Do animals…?, 2017.

18 – 22/8
Museum Lapidarium, Gallery Rigo, Italian community, Zidine 1

Sanja Baljkas, Đanino Božić, Igor Grubić, Goran Grofelnik, Josip Pino Ivančić, Aleksandar Kelić, Denis Krašković, Bojana Križanec, Igor Kuduz, Lauren Iida, Živko Marušić, Milica Perić, Vladimir Perić Talent, Tiziana Pers, Robert Pauleta, Silvester Plotajs Sicoe, Davor Sanvincenti, Jan Sedmak, SofijaSilvia, Predrag Spasojević, Bojan Šumonja, Nataša Šušteršič Plotajs, Stipan Tadić, Davor Zupičić, Danijel Žeželj, postcard collection from Arturo De Leonardis.

18 – 22/8
Museum Lapidarium, Park of the Museum, Piazza Grande, Park of Novigrad’s Diocese, Italian Community, Passage of Boško Petrović

Andreja Eržen, festival windmill, light/solar objects, installation
Igor Grubić, Do animals…?, 2017., city-light installation
Gordana Majnarić, Cats & Dogs, ambiental installation
Irena Podvorac, All cat’s lives, My dog, sculptural installation
Petra Varl, Smoker and cat, 2014., 2016., installation
Tanja Vujinović, Park 2, video
Danijel Šivinjski, Seeds of Source, interactive installation
Iva Horvat, Petra Pletikos, doggo_catto.exe, mural
Toni Buršić, Metamorphosis in Istrian Mythology, mural/illustration

Courtesy by Igor Kuduz; Revelation Archive – 341 stories of the Prophet

18 – 22/8
Italian Community, Strada Grande, Piazza Grande, Museum Lapidarium, Park of Novigrad’s Diocese

18/8 Slavica Marin, AZIL, interactive performance of foster of 360 dogs
Strada Grande, Piazza Grande from 8pm to 9pm

19/8 Šejla Mujdanović, Cat:Dog:Toys, performance on silk
Park of Novigrad’s Diocese from 8pm to 9pm
Costume and mask: Mia Miletić
Light and production: Luana Lojić
Sound: Viljana Babić
Performance: Vilim Horvat & Šejla Mujdanović

20/8 Davie, I’m a Cat, I’m a Dog, performance
Park of Novigrad’s Diocese from 8pm to 9pm

19 – 21/8
Piazza Grande, Park of Novigrad’s Diocese

The Cat, animated movie, (duration 10’10”), Zagreb Film, 1971.
Directed by: Zlatko Bourek
Short animated movie filmed in Croatia, based on Aesop’s fables about a cat and goddes Venus. The man finds a cat on his doorstep and takes her in. His life completely changes when Venus decides to make his wish come true as she turns the cat into a woman.

Zlatko Bourek, The Cat

The Dog & the Rabbit, animated movie, (duration 12’15”), 2011.
Screenplay and director: Nebojša Slijepčević
Production: Zagreb Film
Coproduction: Kreativni sindikat
Once upon a time, there was a man who lived in a suburb of a big city with his pet rabbit and a starved dog. After the death of his rabbit, the man decides to bury him in the field. The dog sees his opportunity for lunch in this dead rabbit and he is keen on digging him out without thinking about possible consequences.

Kreativni sindikat, The Dog & the Rabbit

Berta, Ema Zimonja, animated movie, (duration 6′), 2013.
Screenplay, direction, animation, drawing, scenography, editing: Ema Zimonja
Masters degree on 5th year on Facolty of Applied Arts in Belgrade.
Award for the best short animated movie on Second Chennai international Festival, 2015., India

Ema Zimonja, Berta

Marija’s Garden, trailer, (duration 2’32”), 2018.
Screeplay and direction: Martina Meštrović, Tanja Vujasinović
Production: Kreativni sindikat
A trailer – animated documentary movie about Marija Ujević Galetović, the first female professor on Academy of Applied Arts in Zagreb and one of the most influential Croatian sculptresses. “It all started with a cat on my window”.

Kajanje / Regrets, animated movie, (duration 2’32”), Germany, 2018.
Direction: Petra Stipetić
Produkcija: Kunsthochschule Kassel
A short movie about wrong decisions in the wrong time.

Petra Stipetić, Regrets

19/8 at 9pm
Surprise movie – world – wide famous cats!

20/8 at 9pm
Mapa puna snova / A map full of dreams, documentary, (duration 70′), 2017.
Direction and editing: Danilo Lola Ilić
Production: MEDIT Pula
Feature – lenght documentary about life and work of Predrag Spasojević (1959-2010) filmed as a mosaic of stories told from the perspective of his colleagues, partners, art critics, journalists and friends. These stories contextualize his artwork from the 80’s to his premature demise.
The author of PUF posters with motives of cats.

MEDIT Pula, A map full of dreams

19 – 21/8
Park of Novigrad’s Diocese

Animated movies for kids
Mury the Cat, animated short movie, (duration 10′), 2013., 2016.
Episode 1, Sprehod / Going for a Walk
Episode 2, Rojstni dan / Birthday
Produkcija hiša INVIDA TV
The story of the famous cat Mury was revived in the imaginary animated world of the miniseries Mury the Cat. Both episodes are inspired by the songs of Neca Falk and Jerko Novak.
…and other animated movies: Enzo D’Alo “La Gabbianella di Gatto”, “Topo Gigio & L’avventura”, “Il Gatto con gli stivali”, “La carica dei 101” (in collaboration with Italian Institute for Culture Zagreb)

Workshops for kids and adults
18 – 21/8
Atrium and park of Museum Lapidarium from 11am to 1pm and from 6pm to 8pm

Margerita Rakić, workshops “Pets and their houses”, technique: papier mache and workshop “The making of Novigrad’s cat from recycled materials”

Come and join us!

The workshop is free.

22/8 at 7pm
Atrium of Museum Lapidarium

“Šarena ptica”, “Tri koze”, “Grdine ispod kamena”, “Vuk i sedam kozlića”
Actors: Jelena Sitar, Igor Cvetko
Production: Gledališče Zapik


20/8 at 7:30pm
Park of the Museum Lapidarium
Participants: Branko Sušac, Snježana Akrap Sušac, dr. Davorka Smoljanić, Biserka Vranić, Feodora Gubac Štifanić

18 – 22/8 from 10am to 1pm and 7pm to 10pm
Atrium of Museum Lapidarium

Cats and dogs in literature
Andrej Medved “Pjesma o mački Rilke – Balthaus”, Bruno Munari ” Nella nebbia di Milano”, Danijel Žeželj, Stanislav Habjan “Be Fair to Dog!”, Werner Berg “Holzschnitte”, Miljenko Jergović, “Mačka čovjek pas”, Lewis Carroll “Alice in Wonderland”, Edgar Allan Poe “Crni mačak”, Luko Paljetak “Miševi i mačke naglavačke”, Jacob Grimm “Mačak u čizmama”, Vesna Parun “Mačak Džingiskan i Miki Trasi”, Charles Baudelaire “Mačka”, Miljenko Jergović “Psi na jezeru”, Miroslav Krleža “Vučjak” and many more.

+ comic “Felix the Cat”!

Courtesy by Manuela de Leonardis, postcard collection from Arturo De Leonardis


Atrium of Museum Lapidarium
18/8 at 9pm
Concert: Pula Jazz Masterclass Group
Adriano Benobić, drums
Zvjezdan Ružić, piano
Miha Koren. contrabass
Uglješa Novaković, saxophone
Timo Lassy, saxophone

Atrium of Museum Lapidarium
20/8 at 7pm
Concert: Iva Gortan & Aldo Foško (Pazin)


Atrium of Museum Lapidarium
22/8 at 9pm
Concert: Stray Dogg (Belgrade)
Dukat Stray, guitar, vocals and back-vocals, harp
Ana Janković, keyboards, violin and back-vocals
Marko Ignjatović, guitar
Vladimir Milićević, bass guitar
Relja Ilić, drums

Stray Dogg

18 – 22/8 from 11am to 1pm and 7pm to 10pm
Atrium of Museum Lapidarium

Sanja Baljkas, personalized jewelry with photographies of your pets
Irena Podvorac, miniatures of cats and dogs

Complete program of the festival in PDF:
Programski letak Arterija_design by Oleg Šuran

…See you!

Nude Cat, 64x42, ulje na kartonu, 2009 (manji)_STIPAN TADIĆ
Courtesy by Stipan Tadić, Nude Cat, 64×42, oil on cardboard, 2009.

Cover photo: Design by Oleg Šuran

The program is financied by the City of Novigrad – Cittanova, Touristic Board of the City of Novigrad – Cittanova, Istrian County – Administrative Department of Culture, Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia.
Special thanks to: Italian Institute of Culture Zagreb, Kreativni sindikat Zagreb, Insititution Zagreb Film, MEDIT Pula, Soravento Novigrad, City Library Novigrad – Cittanova.

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