18th July – 16th August 2020
Silvester Plotajs Sicoe

21st – 23rd August 2020
11th International festival of visual arts Arterija

28th August – 28th September 2020
Collecting: Cinetique

9th October – 9th December 2020
Project cycle Let’s meet museumsBetween Dajla and Koper: The Library of the earl Francesco Grisoni
Presenting the book ‘Dajla’ by Marina Pauletić


13th July – 20th July 2020
Born in Pula
exhibition of artworks from Istrian artists; collection of Gallery Rigo / Museum Lapidarium

24th July – 15th August 2020
Sanja Iveković: Homework from self-isolation
Najava 11.7. corr.qxp_29,7x42
Pdf: Exhibition_Sanja Iveković_Museum Lapidarium

4th – 30th September 2020
Petra Varl

October 2020
5th Artists in Residence Kuberton
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