9th October – 9th December 2020
Project cycle Let’s meet museumsBetween Dajla and Koper: The Library of the earl Francesco Grisoni
Presenting the book ‘Dajla’ by Marina Pauletić


11th – 30th September 2020
Petra Varl: Packed

Curator: Tevž Logar

Exhibition in two acts/at two locations – simultaneously/successively:

Rigo Gallery, Velika ulica 5a, Novigrad – Cittanova, Croatia

Petra Varl, Vodnikov trg 5a, Ljubljana, Slovenia

More than thirty years of artistic research have brought Petra Varl to a point that now emerges as a symbolic space for thinking about the work done so far. Therefore, the Packed project, designed by Petra Varl for the Rigo Gallery, and at the same time for the space in her apartment in Ljubljana, can be defined as a turning point; as an artist’s statement of the past and as a guideline for new fields of the artist’s work.

October 2020
5th Artists in Residence Kuberton
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