From 17 – 20 August 2019

Museum Lapidarium, Gallery Rigo, Italian community of the City of Novigrad, Novigrad Episcopate Park, Mlinska ulica, Piazza Grande, Velika ulica

LINE-UP, ARTERIJA FESTIVAL: PROGRAM – LINE UP_Arterija festival_design by Oleg Šuran

Decade of Searching

With this edition of “Arterija” festival we want to celebrate our first 10 years. Accordingly, the festival doesn’t have specific theme, it’s simply an opportunity to celebrate. Despite adversities, we are focused again on new artistic productions and media, we will exhibit works from previous festival editions which remained in our collection but more than anything, we are celebrating together with artists which accepted our invitation, with those we have already worked once or few times and those we work with continuously. We can say that this is an opportunity to look back at who we are and if we justified a decade of our festival.

Through these nine years of the festival, which was imagined as a platform based on rethinking the role of contemporary art in society and a model of collaboration, exchange of knowledge and experiences between artists from different disciplines and areas, in Novigrad participated 128 authors. There were performed and presented 31 performances and 21 workshops, 57 ‘site-specific’ installations (with or without the author’s presence), as well as 56 video installations at different venues in the old town.

Adding to that 15 music performances and finally over 500 works, paintings, drawings, photographs and objects, we have presented one respectable number. But not only statistics are on our side. All these years included time for exploration, creativity, activism, enthusiasm and joy, as well as doubts, frustrations, fatigue and even failures. But important things has always been the environment in which we create, perform, communicate, keep and nurture our dear art.

Although we have been more inclined to an open and flexible manifestation of visual arts through “Arterija”, as well as to a process which leads to social, emotional and aesthetic qualities in the broadest possible context, we can emphasize its basic features by naming them as positive values. These are primarily support to new artistic productions and innovative themes, followed by affirmation and dialogue between different generations of artists, international collaboration and systematic promotion of contemporary art among the local community and general audience and complementing our museum collection.

We hope that within the thick tourist narrative of the city, we have managed to present some different stories, various locations as part of the exhibition experience and that the traces of the past, came in close contact with those of the present time.

Jerica Ziherl


Ambiental, lightning and interactive installations, site specific sculpture, interventions in the natural environment, video installations, performances


17. – 19. 8., Italian Community park, Circus Lumineszenz: Lumi Seeds / lightning installation; 2 meters high oval-shaped structure that holds 16 meters of addressable led strip which display self-programmed patterns and enhances the effect of the light by reflecting different colours depending the observer´s point of view, and enjoy the colours that appear in the interaction of this interesting material

17. – 19. 8., Velika ulica street, Circus Lumineszenz: It’s raining light / interactive installation; 9 umbrellas which hang upside down and display different light patterns and a beautiful soundtrack which includes ambiental sounds and digitally modified droplets sounds

17. – 20. 8., Museum Lapidarium, Nika Oblak & Primož Novak: Where Do We Come From? What are We? Where Are We Going? / kinetic video installation; video installation that playfully reflects on our contemporary condition, depicting humans in a perpetual and pointless engagement with technological devices

17. – 20. 8., Italian Community, Nika Oblak & Primož Novak: Going South / video installation (video 31’15”, 2009); a documentary video about how Nika Oblak & Primož Novak achieve a Guinness World Record by pushing wheelbarrows from Ljubljana, Slovenia, to Sharjah in the U.A.E., for 14.500 km in 3 years and 12 days

17. – 20. 8., Novigrad Episcopate park, Visualia Group: Visualia Tree / an interactive audiovisual installation of a tree which, when hugged, comes to life, expresses its gratitude with a voice message and creates light and music show; all messages can be personalised, it is possible to record it in a local kinder garden school or centre of the city in Finnish to transmit the message you want to send

Visualia Tree

17. – 20. 8., Novigrad Episcopate park, Visualia Group: Residence of Light & Music / an interactive and fun installation, combining music and light; the installation was conceived of musical instruments that can be played in a fun way but the specialty is that it is aimed at developing the skills and abilities that are hidden in each individual so the visitor creates his own combination of tones, experimenting with musical instruments brings to life a sound and light effect

Instalacija je dio spin-off festivala/festivalske razmjene programa zagovaračke platforme MI+ koju financira Zaklada Kultura nova i koju uz udrugu Metamedij i Sonitus čine još Faro 11, Muzej-Museo Lapidarium, Društvo arhitekata Istre – Società architetti dell’Istria i Labin Art Express.

17. – 20. 8., Museum Lapidarium roof, Matija Debeljuh: Anima / visual installation

18. – 20. 8., Piazza Grande, Mirjana Matić: Anime, Šutnja je zlato, Metamorfoze / cheerful, sad, unusual, grotesque sculpture made of ‘papier mache’

18. – 20. 8., Piazza Grande, Đanino Božić: ŠtandART / one of regular participants of „Arterija“ festival will create his unsanctioned artworks executed outside of the context of traditional art venues and visitors can expect to enjoy in more than 100 unusual artworks


17. – 20. 8., Novigrad Episcopate park, Ida Blažičko: Traces of time / site-specific sculptures; they create contemplative consonance with the surroundings, the interplay between light and space – the transparent fragile textile creates a quiet sensation of presence and absence, sculptures are not simply objects but also a relational process in progress that incorporates nature and observer

17. – 20. 8., Museum Lapidarium park, Ida Blažičko: The color of the wind – planted wild, the garden in autumn / site specific sculpture; it’s based on the song of Matsuo Bashō and through variations and combination of various patterns reproduces natural, visual and lightning forms

SITE-SPECIFIC FARMING / 7 p.m. – 11 p.m.

19. 8., at 9 p.m., Piazza Grande, Šikuti Machine & Noel Šuran: Vogrda, Pekica’s cows close-up, Eko Peko / video carries the name of a meadow where Pekica reads the poetry of Walt Whitman while guarding his cows; he is surrounded by photographs of Andi Bančić, depicting portraits of lovely cows, while Noel Šuran plays on unusual Istrian instruments

Arty party with KAMPANJOLA EKO BIRA (craft beer) & EKO PEKO CHEESE – taste it!

EXHIBITIONS / 7 p.m. – 11 p.m.

17. – 20. 8., Italian Community, Lara Ritoša – Roberts: Children of the Revolution, Motherland, Encounter

Lara Ritoša-Roberts, Children of the Revolution

17. – 20. 8., Gallery Rigo, Goran Tomčić: A Shimmering Heart & Gold / Gold; hologram film installation about repulsion and attraction, glamour and morbidity, appearance and reality, surface and depth; illusionist sparks blinded by the many splinters of refracted light that fill the space like a revolving disco ball

17. – 20. 8., Museum Lapidarium, Decade of searching, from museum collection:

Andi Bančić, Bamboo Bicycle Club, Đanino Božić, Tomislav Brajnović, Heiko Daxl, Vlasta Delimar, Andreja Eržen, Hanakam & Schuller, Ljiljana Petrović & Aleksandar Kostić, Denis Krašković, Igor Kuduz, Maja Marković, Gordana Majnarić, Mirjana Matić, Marco Milia, Oleg Morović, Nicolantonio Mucciaccia, Vladimir Perić Talent & Milica Perić, Linus Riepler, Dragana Sapanjoš, Davor Sanvincenti, SofiaSilvia, Oleg Šuran, Stipan Tadić, Anselmo Tumpić


VIDEO INSTALLATIONS / 7 p.m. – 11 p.m

17. – 20. 8., Museum Lapidarium atrium,
Anto Lloveras: an architect, curator and filmmaker, the director of LAPIEZA and URBANAS since 2009. Anto Lloveras will be in Novigrad extending the positional essay series, where he uses context, bodies and situations to generate synthetic and aesthetic films for the internet as art

18. 8., Museum Lapidarium roof, Hanakam & Schuller: Heralds / digital film, stereo, 10’11”, Yakutia, 2017.; set in the village of Kyrgyday, a remote place in Yakutia (Republic of Sacha), few hundred kilometers northwest of the capital Yakuts where in the centre of the village, the tradition is Khomus playing

17. 8., Hedonist lounge bar, Goran Škofić: FRONT(A) / video installation; video Full HD, collage manipulated image, duration: 9:44′ min, loop, 2011; work is spatial installation with a small video screen, placed on the floor in darkened room where dimensions of the screen are 25 cm by 14 cm and it shows miniature figures marching in a column, like some kind of parade

18. 8. – 19. 8., Hedonist lounge bar, Jelena Vojinović: Unexpected Eternity / video installation; video editing: Domagoj Čavlek

20. 8., Saint Pelagius church tower, Goran Škofić: Pushing / video installation; a human figure is projected in a 1/4 scale, he confronts the immobile wall, challenging its static nature and trying to move the boundary of his own limited space

PERFORMANCES / 8 p.m. – 10 p.m.

17. 8., Italian Community park, DaVie: Pollution / the emphasis is on the performer and the so-called “polluters of society”; education, sexuality, the consumer industry and personal identity, performance is based on discovering the problems of our daily lives

18. 8., Museum Lapidarium park, Lara Ritoša-Roberts: Participatori Performanse – Klub Fiskulturnik, yugoyoga for all

Lara Ritoša-Roberts, performance, Klub Fiskulturnik, yugo yoga for all

Lara Ritoša-Roberts, performance, Klub Fiskulturnik, yugo yoga for all

18. 8., at 9.30 p.m., Museum Lapidarium park, Šejla Mujdanović: contemporary dance / inspired by “The color of the wind – planted wild, the garden in autumn” installation of Ida Blažičko

19. 8., at 9.30 p.m., Museum Lapidarium atrium, Šejla Mujdanović & Vilim Horvat: HOODKICK IMPR / contemporary dance performance

17. – 19. 8., at 8 p.m., Museum Lapidarium atrium, “Undertree” (Eva Mulej & Uroš Marolt): Uprooted / Izruvani / contemporary circus perfomance; the circus performance based on exploring the relationship between these two people, plants and gravity; this is a performance about movement, voice, and contemporary juggling

Undertree (Eva Mulej & Uroš Marolt), Uprooted / Izruvani

20. 8., at 9.30 p.m., Museum Lapidarium atrium, Josip Konfic & Nenad Sinkauz / experimental electro-acoustic performance


19. – 20. 8., at 8 p.m., Museum Lapidarium atrium, Gledališče “Zapik”, puppet show

A button story / you have to come to the puppet performance where you will meet the painter who drew the sun, cloud, boy and dragon and it will create a story that ends somewhere in the sky (duration: 35 minutes, age: 3 – 12 years)
Fairy tales of choice / want to see a fairy tale about the Magic Fountain or the one about the Rooster who lost his whistle? Four different fairy tales and one for the top! (duration: 35 minutes, age: 3 – 12 years)

WORKSHOPS / from 6 p.m.

17. – 18. 8., Museum Lapidarium park, Nika Oblak: Making portraits / draw a portrait of a friend or stranger and let them draw a portrait of you. Exchange your drawings. Receive a portrait of yourself as a memory of your summer in Novigrad. (for children from 5 years old)

17. & 18. 8., Museum Lapidarium atrium, Oleg Kulik: Comunity Living Sculpturing / new turn in the spiral of Kulik’s biography – a project of materializing actions and performances in “living sculptures”, collective and ultimately corporeal; the workshop is open and intended for all!

MINI VAN SHOW / from 8 p.m.

18. – 20. 8., Piazza Grande, ARTIČOKA / what to do for 100th birthday? Put Citroën on the show where the H Van 1967 will be unveiled in its new centenary livery. There will be a special video telling the century story of Citroën models and design. If you want to see more about that, you have to come on our festival because there will be also an “Art of Cooking” within this old timer parked on Piazza Grande!

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It’s raining light
Courtesy of Circus Lumineszenz, Leo Bettinelli

Courtesy of Anto Lloveras

PHOTO GALLERY – 10th ARTERIJA FESTIVAL // 17 – 20 August 2019

Courtesy by Leo Bettinelli, Circus Lumineszenz; photo by Leo Bettinelli

Undertree: Uprooted / Izruvani, Eva Mulej & Uroš Marolt; courtesy by Goran Tomčić

Undertree (Eva Mulej & Uroš Marolt)

DaVie: Pollution

Đanino Božić: ŠtandART / at the left side, sculpture of Mirjana Matić

Mirjana Matić, Anime, Šutnja je zlato, Metamorfoze

Šikuti Machine & Noel Šuran: Vogrda, Pekica’s cows close-up

Šejla Mujdanović & Vilim Horvat: HOODKICK IMPR

Lara Ritoša-Roberts, Klub Fiskulturnik, yugoyoga for all

Gledališče Zapik, Fairy tales of choice

Gledališče Zapik, Fairy tales of choice, with artists Goran Tomčić & Iva Blažičko

Goran Tomčić, Gold, Rigo Gallery

Museum Lapidarium:

Ljiljana Petrović & Aleksandar Kostić, Tajna večera

Markus Hanakam & Roswitha Schuller, Siegel & Seals

Workshop of russian artist and performer Oleg Kulik: making clay birds in collaboration with Home for the elderly and infirm persons in Novigrad (Dom za starije i nemoćne osobe Novigrad)

Oleg Kulik in Home for elderly and infirm persons in Novigrad

Oleg Kulik with his assitant Eugenia and people from Home for the elderly and infirm persons in Novigrad

Oleg Kulik, clay birds in Museum park


10th International Festival of Visual Arts “Arterija”

Site – specific installation of Ida Blažičko:

Ida Blažičko, Traces of time / courtesy by Ida Blažičko

Experimental electro-acoustic performance in Museum park: Josip Konfic & Nenad Sinkauz

Josip Konfic & Nenad Sinkauz, installation of Ida Blažičko: The color of the wind – planted wild, the garden in autumn / photo; courtesy by Ida Blažičko

Josip Konfic & Nenad Sinkauz, installation of Ida Blažičko: The color of the wind – planted wild, the garden in autumn / photo; courtesy by Ida Blažičko

Programme you can follow also on our facebook page Muzej – Museo Lapidarium and the entrance on all events during the festival is free.

Programme is financied by the City of Novigrad – Cittanova, Istrian County – Department of culture, Ministry of culture of Republic Croatia, Zaklada “Kultura nova”, Touristic Board of the City of Novigrad – Cittanova, Društvo za sodobno umetnost X-OP and Kulturno izobraževalno društvo KIBLA, Maribor / Slovenia.

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