Vitar Drinković

Rigo Gallery, Novigrad – Cittanova

Vitar Drinković: “Unrest”

Exhibition duration: 19 August – 3 September 2021

Venue: Gallery Rigo, Velika ulica 5, Novigrad – Cittanova, Croatia


For the past few years, the autor’s artistic practice was focused on exploring personal and collective perceptions of everyday reality through experimentation, DIY approach, communication between art and the social, natural, technical, and medical sciences. As the roots of his artistic practice come from sculpture and childhood invention attempts, the “evolution” led him to interactive speculative design that has a critically-humorous, existentially-humanistic conceptual note. He starts from the basic, simple, biological forms of communication – exchanges that affect perception, and trys to deconstruct the way it is created – shaped through the information we are surrounded by. Using interactive art apparatus, sculptures – inventions and installations as intermediaries, “filters” in communication between people.
The fields that he is interest in and explores are: everyday life, the connection between perception – information and biology, the development and impact of technology on the development of human society, social systems, sustainability, the connection between art, science and economy.

Zoom 1 Vitar Drinkovic foto – kopija
Vitar Drinković, Zoom

Heart tube 20 2
Vitar Drinković, Heart Tube 2.0

Nemir animacija
Vitar Drinković, Nemir

The exhibition at the Rigo Gallery (Velika ulica 5, Novigrad / Cittanova) is open until September 3, 2021. Curator: Jerica Ziherl. Exhibition concept: Vitar Drinković

The program was realized with the funds of the City of Novigrad-Cittanova, Region of Istria Administrative Department for Culture and Ministry of Culture and Media of Republic Croatia.


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– use hand sanitizer at the entrances when entering the museum and gallery indoors
– if you have respiratory problems such as cough and fever, please stay at home
Thank you for understanding.