Vanda Velagić

Galerija/Galleria RIGO

16/4 – 12/5/2021

Vanda Velagić

My superhero mom and her superhero friends

opening 16/4/2021 at 8 pm

performance Vanda Velagić „Rite de passage“
& Friend Sabina Oroshi

Curated by
Jerica Ziherl
Exhibition concept by
Jerica Ziherl, Vanda Velagić
Sabina Oroshi
Graphic Project
Oleg Šuran


Design: Oleg Šuran

The project has been made possible through the support of the City of Novigrad-Cittanova, Region of Istria Administrative Department for Culture and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.



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– wear a face mask
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– use hand sanitizer at the entrances when entering the museum and gallery indoors
– if you have respiratory problems such as cough and fever, please stay at home
Thank you for understanding.