Mediarej Project: Mediation and Restorative Justice Training


27/4 – 1/5/ 2022

Coordinator: Instituto Jacques Maritain (Italy)

Partners: APS Nathan (Italy)

Fundatia Professional (Romania)

Asociacion Ambit (Spain)

European Forum for Restorative Justice (Belgium)

Creative Social Work Association (Croatia)



Museums preserve and present historical material and are therefore important links in interpreting the past and achieving a common understanding of events and their impact on different groups and individuals. In this way, museums help people to deal with past events in a constructive way that contributes to mutual understanding and respect for different experiences in personal, familial, and collective history.

Restorative justice is an approach to justice in which the search for a solution and decision-making is based on the inclusion of those who have been affected by an event or an act that has caused damage or violated rights. This approach uses mediation or facilitation to form a path to common understanding and agreement on how to repair the damage, correct the injustice and reach a just solution to the problem.

In recent years, Europe has seen a development of very different training models in restorative justice and mediation – from postgraduate studies to training tailored to the needs of individual communities. The MEDIAREJ project develops innovative methods to increase the quality of training for mediators and facilitators of restorative processes and for creating a network of experts and organizations from different countries.