3. AiR Kuberton

Gallery Rigo, Velika ulica 5, Novigrad – Cittanova
8 – 30/9/2018
Exhibition from 3rd Artist in Residence – AiR Kuberton

Curators: Ursula Krinzinger and Jerica Ziherl
Asistent: Dina Kamber

Opening: 8/9/2018 at 8 pm at Gallery Rigo

The third Artist in Residence was held in Kuberton from May to June 2018, organized by the Museum Lapidarium and Krinzinger projekte from Vienna.


Rosmarie Lukasser
Petra Mrša
Franz Riedl
Andreas Werner

Courtesy by Petra Mrša, AiR Kuberton, 2018

– – –
Cover photo: courtesy by SofijaSilvia, Dust to Dust, 2018

The program is supported by the City of Novigrad, Austrian Culture Forum Zagreb and Istria Region – Department of culture.

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