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Museums & galleries of Konavle
Luko Piplica

as part of the museum’s projects “Let’s meet Croatian museums”, we are pleased to invite you on the opening exhibition “Museums & galleries of Konavle” on Friday, October 4 2019 at 7pm, at Museum Lapidarium.

The exhibition presents a selection from the Konavle County Museum’s collection, Bukovac House in Cavtat, the Department of Archeology and Monumental Heritage in Pridvorje and Mausoleum of Račić family, which are part of the Museums & galleries of Konavle. In the museum we present a number of various exhibitions that most adequately illustrate the structure and activities of Museums & galleries of Konavle, of which we highlight the ethnographic material of Konavle with an emphasis on textile handicrafts. We bring an exhibition “Svilac svila svilica” which shows the old Konavle tradition of silk production in the Mediterranean and the exhibition “Neđe panj, neđe tanj” which deals with the production, processing and use of wool.

In the programme which includes guided tours of the exhibition, various audio-visual materials and educational workshops for children and adults, together we learn about the rich cultural heritage of Konavle.

At the same time, as part of the inter-museum collaboration between the Museum Lapidarium Museum and Museums & galleries of Konavle, we present the contemporary scene in Dubrovnik. Luko Piplica exhibits at the Rigo gallery with a series of photographs and films from the cycle “Horrors of the Homeland”, which shows high cypress trees, recognizable for the Konavle landscape, illuminated by a red theatrical spotlight. However, the anesthetic role of the beauty of the landscape is a double-edged sword. The ‘horrors’ hidden behind the beautiful scene speak of the abandoned present. Or, let’s say, “In my homeland, I exist the most and he needs me the least,” Luko Piplica wrote.

Luko Piplica “Horrors of the Homeland”, courtesy by Luko Piplica

Curators: Jerica Ziherl, Antonia Ruskovic Radonic, Maris Stanovic, Dina Kamber

The exhibition “Museums & galleries of Konavle” at Museum Lapidarium remains open until December 4, 2019.

The exhibition “Horrors of the Homeland” of Luko Piplica at the Rigo gallery remains open until October 24, 2019.

Konavle County Museum, chest embroidery, Konavle, 1930, wool, embroiding; © Museums & galleries of Konavle

Konavle County Museum, silkworm; © Museums & galleries of Konavle

Konavle County Museum, silkworm; © Museums & galleries of Konavle

Konavle County Museum, six girls from village Popovići, Klaić Luko, around 1900; © Museums & galleries of Konavle

Bukovac House, Lady from Konavle in winter garment 1885, Vlaho bukovac (1885 – 1922); © Museums & galleries of Konavle

Foto Berner, Funeral of Vlaho Bukovac, the family at Vlaho Bukovac’s grave, Cavtat, 1 October 1922; © Museums & galleries of Konavle

Mausoleum of Račić family (Lady of angels), Ivan Meštrović; © Museums & galleries of Konavle, Image credits: Boris Cvjetanović

Mausoleum of Račić family (Lady of angels), Ivan Meštrović; © Museums & galleries of Konavle

“Ljuta” river (mills and columns), © Museums & galleries of Konavle

Opening exhibitions “Museums & galleries of Konavle” and “Horror of the Homeland” of Luko Piplica

Luko Piplica, head of culture of Istrian County Vladimir Torbica, directress of Museum Lapidarium Jerica Ziherl and curator of exhibition Maris Stanović



Curator Maris Stanović from Konavle County Museum



Luko Piplica, Rigo gallery, exhibition “Horrors of the Homeland”




Exhitibion of Museums & galleries of Konavle in the Museum Lapidarium

Exhibition “Svilac, svila, svilica” // the tradition of producing silk in the Mediterranean and the story of the life of mulberry silk



Part of the exhibition “Neđe panj, neđe tanj” from Konavle County Museum (Museums & galleries of Konavle) // tradition of production, processing and use of wool in Konavle




Death of Vlaho Bukovac and Eternal Resting Place // Bukovac House in Cavtat (Museums & galleries of Konavle)


Mausoleum of the Račić family // documentary video of the mausoleum of Ivan Meštrović




The story of making palm branches in Konavle on Palm Sunday Holiday



The mustache story


Photos of the exhibition “Museums & galleries of Konavle” in the Museum Lapidarium: Dina Kamber
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Cover photo: Konavle County Museum, © Museums & galleries of Konavle

The programme is financied by the City of Novigrad – Cittanova and Ministry of culture of Republic Croatia.
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