Ljiljana Petrović / Aleksandar Kostić: The Secret Supper

There are meny known fine art ‘recreation’ of the famous Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” raging from Tinttoreta and Rubens to Andy Warhol, Gerard Rancinana, Adi Ness or Simson. Next to these is the one exhibited at the Museum-Lapidarium made by the authors Ljiljana Petrovic and Aleksandar Kostic from Beograd. The instalation is a bigger format dining table which is covered with an amazing tablecloth that is enriched with handmade and embroidered applications. Hundreds of flowers, insects and fruit baskets form an astounding composition making an illusion of the fourth dimension. On the tablecloth there are 12 laser cut lenticulars that are arranged in a regular rhythm. In order to see the pictures from the round ‘plates’ one has to come close – so the illusion can start.


Only two observers are enabled to approach the table at same time.Both observers are free to watch all side openings on the table, left and right, in arbitrary way. At the end they choose one of the respective seats and then they are watching the last images. This marks the end of the artwork’s perception and both observers depart from the exhibition space with his/her own partial comprehension of the artwork. One can assume that the insight into the artwork’s whole has been achieved by both observers, through the possible modes of their inter-communication, the exchange of viewpoints and impressions.
The prescribed manner of perception is a constitutional part of the exhibition process and presupposes that the museum provides production that will enable this happening in a period of vernissage i.e. in a period of several days beginning with the opening day.